VOL. 0,5 L. STR. 12% ABV.

Recipes like our very own «Apeiron®» have been closely guarded throughout the centuries. The combined sweetness of a fresh orange and the bite of Tonic come together to form an unforgettable sensation. From the delight of your first sip, to the glowing aftertaste, this drink will bring you joy long after the glass is finished.

«Apeiron®» – Created to be Unforgettable!


Water, sugar, «Lux» alcohol, alcoholic orange zest tincture, «Aperitif» artificial flavour, «Orange» natural flavour, natural extracts of herbs and spices, bitters, vanilla, cinnamon, mandarin orange, colours.


«Apeiron®» 1/2 + «Cantare D’Amore®» 1/2 + ice + orange slice

«Apeiron®» 1/3 + Sparkling Wine 2/3 + ice + orange slice

«Apeiron®» 1/2 + Orange (Gapefruit) Juice 1/2 + ice

«Apeiron®» 1/2 + Sparkling Water 1/2 + ice + orange slice


Each of these drinks can be prepared directly in a cocktail glass. Add ice to your liking and mix. We recommend using freshly squeezed juice.