If the thought of complex, intermingling flavours, be they soft and inconspicuous or bright and bold, dancing across your tongue with every sip of a drink makes you perk up with interest, then cocktails were made for you.

Most of the time, a cocktail will use strong spirits such as gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum or cognac, mixed with other ingredients that will completely transform the taste of the drink. Liqueurs happen to be some of the most common methods of adding an unforgettable flavour to the cocktail.

The sheer variety of cocktails available can be staggering. Long and short, alcoholic or sober, thick, layered, iced, flaming, refreshing, warm, relaxing or intense. Whether you want to sit back in a soft couch with a glass and a good book or movie to keep you company, or cut loose and enjoy a night with friends to its fullest – it’s quite possible that there’s a perfect cocktail for every occasion to make your day just that much better.

This style of drink has long-since embedded itself within our society, so much so that those interested in crafting new and exciting sensations in a glass have recently finished celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the culture associated with it.

If you’re tempted to experience the culture and etiquette associated with cocktails, we will be happy to offer a small glimpse into this new world.

Cocktails can be classified into many different groups.

By time of consumption:

By Strength and Volume:

By Method of Preparation:

These cocktails do not fall under any of the above classifications:

Now, you know all you need to start your journey into exploring the exciting world of cocktail mixing!

On the next page, we’ll cover the etiquette surrounding Aperitifs and Digestifs.