VOL. 0,5 L. STR. 35% ABV.

What you’re holding in your hands is a masterfully crafted bouquet of 30 herbs. From the light bite of wormwood and juniper berries, to the sweet symphony of coriander and cardamom – every single flavour included in this liqueur was gathered from across the world just for you to slowly enjoy and savour.

Take a sip and feel nature’s harmony ring in your heart!


Water, “Lux» alcohol, sugar, aromatic base «For a natural, plant-based drink»; «Carlsbad Herbal Liqueur» natural flavour, «Bitters» flavour; alcoholic tinctures: wormwood, apple & pear leaves; natural extracts: herbs & spices, clove, gentian, coriander, five-flavour berry, angelica, cardamom, marjoram, wormwood, rhubarb, camomile, chicory, thyme, bitters, juniper berry, prune, orange zest; colour, citric acid.


50 mL –Mr. Waildmeister liqueur
150 mL – Energy drink (Red Bull, Effect, Burn)


Fill a highball glass with ice before adding both components. Mix and garnish with a slice of lemon.