VOL. 0,5 L. STR. 18% ABV.

Have you ever been to the deep, dark woods? Where the sun is just barely touching the treetops and the air is thick with the heavy scent of moss and mushrooms? After our own visit to the wilderness, we couldn’t help but be inspired to create a drink that conveys the thrill and mystery of such a trip. With our «Berry Dance®» liqueur, we hope to bring the bustling life of the forest into your hands so that you too, can be inspired by this otherworldly sensation.

Partake in gifts from the very heart of the forest!


Water, sugar, “Lux» alcohol; alcoholic juices: raspberry, blueberry; natural extracts: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry; citric acid, colours; natural flavours: «Blackberry», «Wild Strawberry».


15 mL – vodka
20 mL – «Berry Dance®» liqueur
20 mL – Lemon juice
10 mL – Sugar Syrup
60 mL – Soda


Thoroughly mix all components, except the soda, in a Shaker filled with ice. Add ice to a highball glass and strain. Add Soda before garnishing with a freshly squeezed slice of lemon.